What is Breast Capsulectomy?

Breast Surgery | Breast Capsulectomy | Houston | Katy TXBreast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure has a very high success rate. However, sometimes a capsule formation may occur around the implants, which can thicken and squeeze the implants, resulting in distortion of breast appearance. This condition poses the risk of damage to the implants. The corrective procedure to address this problem is called breast capsulectomy. It may be performed on one or both breasts.

Breast capsulectomy should be performed by an experienced surgeon to achieve safe and desirable results. The procedure is performed as an open surgery, which means the surgeon will cut through the scar tissue to remove the breast implant. Dr. Paul Fortes is a leading plastic surgeon providing breast capsulectomy and other procedures. Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Katy, TX, and surrounding areas.

Candidates for this Surgery

Women who have developed capsular contracture will need to undergo this plastic surgery. Capsular contracture will tend to tighten the implants, causing discomfort, and may cause the breast implants to lose their shape. The capsule formation is a normal bodily response, but the problem occurs when it thickens over time due to any reason.


Breast capsulectomy procedure may be performed by a breast cosmetic surgeon with past experience and training in this surgery. Two primary types of procedures are: total capsulectomy and sub-total capsulectomy. The first type involves the removal of the entire capsule, including a replacement of the breast implant with a new one. In the sub-total procedure, only a part of the capsule is removed, provided the implant has remained intact and not moved from its position.

The goal is to remove the problem-causing portion of the capsule or the entire capsule and insert a new implant that will sustain properly. Several options are available to the surgeon with regard to the type of incision and the positioning of the implant. These decisions will be made in accordance with the patient’s breast anatomy and personal aesthetic choices.

The surgeon will cut through the scar tissue of the capsule, which relaxes the area allowing for capsule removal. Thereafter, an incision will be placed in the breast crease, the armpit or around the areola. The new implant will be inserted and position through the incision. Finally, the surgeon will close the incisions with fine sutures, and place a light dressing over them.

The complete procedure can be performed in about two to three hours, and is typically performed under general anesthesia. In most cases, the patient may have to stay overnight at the surgical facility, but sometimes it may be performed as an outpatient procedure. The procedure is considered more complex than a breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Fortes provides this surgery to patients in Houston, Katy, TX, and other areas.


Dressings over the incisions will remain in place for about two weeks. The patient will be required to wear a special bra to hold the dressing in place and expedite recovery. Most patients can return to their normal activities or go to work after two or three days following the surgery. However, strenuous activities or exercises should be avoided for about 10 days.

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American Spending on Cosmetic Procedures Exceeds $12 Billion in 2014: ASAPS Report

Cosmetic Technology | Surgical | Non Surgical | Katy | Houston TXInnovations in cosmetic surgical and non-surgical technology and techniques have led to a growing number of women and men choosing these procedures to improve their aesthetic appearance and youthful looks. Common conditions such as aging signs on the face, excess fat deposits in certain areas of the body and skin anomalies can be corrected with cosmetic surgery as well as non-invasive procedures.

Dr. Paul Fortes is an eminent plastic surgeon providing a host of innovative surgical and non-surgical treatments. Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Katy, TX, and surrounding communities.

More People Choose Aesthetic Procedures

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), in its 18th annual multi-specialty data report has underlined the growing demand for plastic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures. According to the figures mentioned in the report, more than $12 billion was spent by the American women and men on these procedures in 2014. The amount was similar in 2013, showing a consistent year on year demand.

The report also provides interesting new insights about the growing acceptance of aesthetic procedures among men. The number of such procedures for men has increased by a whopping 43% in the last five years alone. For women, the largest increase in demand over the previous year was recorded in procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon, such as buttock augmentation (up by 89%) and labiaplasty (up by 49%).

Top Five Cosmetic Surgeries in 2014

The leading cosmetic surgery procedures performed on both men and women in 2014 were as follows:

  • Liposuction (342,494 procedures)
  • Breast Augmentation (286,694 procedures)
  • Eyelid Surgery (165,714 procedures)
  • Tummy Tuck (164,021 procedures)
  • Rhinoplasty (145,909 procedures)

Dr. Fortes provides all these procedures and more to patients in Houston, Katy, TX, and nearby locations. Liposuction continues to be a highly popular surgery because of relatively less invasive techniques and targeted outcomes that are possible with this procedure. Breast augmentation retains the second spot among surgeries due to wide acceptance of FDA approved silicone breast implants.

Top Five Non-Surgical Procedures in 2014

The leading non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2014 were as follows:

  • Botulinum Toxin (3,588,218 procedures)
  • Hyaluronic Acid Based Fillers (1,696,621 procedures)
  • Hair Removal (828,480 procedures)
  • Chemical Peel (484,053 procedures)
  • Microdermabrasion (417,034 procedures)

Botulinum Toxin Type A based facial anti-aging injectables have remained highly popular with nearly 3.6 million procedures carried out during 2014. Hyaluronic acid based soft tissue fillers secured the second position with nearly 1.7 million procedures.

Men’s Procedures

The demand for men’s procedures has risen sharply between 2010 and 2014.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

  • Blepharoplasty (up 34%)
  • Male Breast Reduction (up 33%)
  • Facelift (up 44%)

Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

  • Botulinum Toxin (up 84%)
  • Hyaluronic Acid Based Fillers (up 94%)
  • Nonsurgical skin tightening (up 37%)
  • Intense Pulsed Light (up 44%)

The future for both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments appears to be promising as the growth trends continue to consolidate further every year.

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More Americans Press the Button for Cosmetic Procedures in 2014: ASPS Report

Cosmetic Procedures | Surgical | Non Surgical | Katy | Houston TXThe desire to sparkle and look youthful is fundamental to a human being. In the United States, every year millions of women and men choose cosmetic surgery as well as minimally invasive aesthetic procedures to enhance their physical appearance. Improvements in technology and new surgical techniques have made the procedures safer and more predictable, encouraging more people to press the button for these treatments.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has published a new report that shows a fairly consistent growth in both surgical and non-surgical procedures in recent years. Dr. Paul Fortes is an experienced plastic surgeon providing a variety of such procedures using advanced technologies. Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Katy, TX, and nearby locations.

Surgery Procedures

Breast Augmentation

The ASPS figures reveal that the number of breast augmentation plastic surgery procedures has gone up by 35% between 2000 and 2014. The total number of procedures performed in 2014 in the US was 286,254.

Breast Implant Removal

A total of 23,774 breast implant removal procedures were performed in 2014. This number was lower as compared to 2000 by 42%. It indicates an improved success rate of breast augmentation surgery over the years.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A popular breast surgery procedure, mastopexy grew by 3% in 2014 over the previous year, and 75% over 2000. A total of 92,714 breast lift surgeries were carried out by cosmetic surgeons in 2014.

Breast Reduction (Aesthetic patients only)

In 2014, the total number of breast reduction cosmetic procedures performed was 41,309, which was similar to the number in 2013.

Breast Reduction in Men (Gynecomastia)

More than 26,000 gynecomastia procedures were performed in 2014, registering a jump of 14% over the previous year.

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting

In 2014, more than 11,500 surgeries were carried out, which was a jump of 15% over 2013.

Buttock Implants and Lift

The number of buttock implants nearly doubled in 2014 over the previous year, with 1,863 surgeries performed. Buttock lift also increased 44% over 2013 with 3,505 procedures performed in 2014.

Other key cosmetic surgeries in 2014 included tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, thigh lift, arm lift, lower body lift, facelift, among others.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox or Dysport)

Injectable facial procedures designed to reduce wrinkles and lines, such as Botox and Dysport, achieved the top spot in popularity. Nearly 6.7 million treatments were performed in 2014, registering an eight times growth over 2000.

Chemical Peels

With 1.25 million procedures performed in 2014, chemical peels registered a jump of 7% over 2013.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

The total number of IPL treatments performed in 2014 stood at 621,724, which was an increase of 3% over 2013.

Laser Hair Removal

The number of laser hair removal treatments performed in 2014 was over 1.1 million.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

With a 6% increase over 2013, the total number of laser skin resurfacing procedures in 2014 was 543,731.

Laser Vein Treatment and Sclerotherapy

Vein removal procedures involving laser therapy stood at 207,790 in 2014. During the same period, a total of 320,609 sclerotherapy injectable procedures were also performed.


In 2014, the number of microdermabrasion treatments carried out was 881,905.

Dermal Fillers

Anti-aging facial injectable treatments involving soft tissue fillers exceeded 2.3 million procedures in 2014.

The total number of cosmetic minimally invasive procedures performed in 2014 in the US neared 14 million, representing a growth of 154% over 2000 numbers.

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