Buttock Augmentation | Brazilian Butt Lift | Cost

Buttock augmentation, also popularly known as Brazilian butt lift or Butt implant is a procedure that enhances the gluteal area. This procedure makes the buttocks look younger, fuller and shapelier. Most commonly the enhancement or reshaping of buttock is done by injecting the person’s own fat.

Reasons to consider Buttock Augmentation

There can be several reasons for both men and women to go for buttock augmentation procedure but they do need an expert to assess and advise on the same. Dr. Paul Fortes’ vast experience in the plastic surgery can help you increase your confidence in your decision and might also help in deciding the type of procedure you should undergo.
The following are the common reasons to consider buttock augmentation:
1. By birth few have small buttocks and find it disproportionate with the body frame.

2. Flat buttocks are also a very common reason to option for butt lift for a more shaped and younger look.

3. Buttocks are very difficult to shape with diet and exercise especially after pregnancy or excessive weight loss so cosmetic surgery can help you bring back to the desired shape.

4. Asymmetric buttocks can also be a reason. With buttocks like that it is very embarrassing to wear swimwear and certain kind of slim fit clothes.

How is Buttock Augmentation Done?

The technique of buttock augmentation has evolved tremendous in the past few years. If you are considering this option it is very important to know about the two most common techniques used:

1. Silicone implants:

In this procedure, augmentation is performed using solid silicon implants, which are inserted with in the buttocks beneath the muscles. Mostly this procedure is used for the person who cannot be injected with fat.

2. Fat grafting or liposuction:

Liposuction is performed by extracting the person own natural fat from the donor sites and process the fat to the most pure form. The processed fat is reinjected into the necessary areas with the help of very micro injections in very small quantities to give a lifted look.

Augmentation with own fat has numerous advantages as the procedure’s recovery time is less than two weeks. The final look is very natural and the body is not implanted with the foreign object so rejection rate is nil.


Dr. Paul Fortes believes that every patient is one-of-a-kind and so the treatment. The cost also varies and depends on several factors:

1. The type of procedure of augmentation you chose.

2. The length of the procedure depends on patients requirement and the amount of work the cosmetic surgeon needs to put in to get the desired result so the cost also various accordingly.

3. The duration of hospitalization also depends on the recovery time, which differs from person to person.

Finally, the outcome of the procedure is younger, shapelier and enhanced buttocks sculpted by those experienced hands. So it is very important to choose those skillful hands sensibly.

For more information about the cosmetic surgery treatments and procedures performed by Houston | Katy TX Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul F. Fortes please click here or call 713-489-7996.

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Butt Augmentation Plastic Surgery Overview
Not happy with your butt shape? Wish you had a fuller, rounder bottom? Don’t fret. You can now change the way your butt looks.

Buttock augmentation better known as the Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that reshapes your butt and gives you that perfect, natural roundness you always dreamed of.

In the past few years, the procedure has gained immense popularity among women. With many agreeing that they feel shapely buttocks enhance their body shape and boost their confidence. Lately, butt accentuation has become one of the most searched and sought after procedures in cosmetic surgery.

There are two techniques favored by the surgeons. Fat transfer or lipo injection involves harvesting fat from one part of the area (usually the unwanted one) and transferring it to the buttocks to give them a fuller look. The other procedure involves making an incision on the butt cheeks and inserting implants (usually silicon).

Risks involved

Risks are involved in any surgical procedure and butt augmentation is no exception.
Infection is the most generic of all but with proper care, can be prevented. Other risks include bleeding, swelling, scarring, nerve damage, implant rupture and fluid accumulation, which is better known as seroma. Some damage might also be reported to the underlying structure. If using implants, slippage may cause asymmetry and may require additional surgery. But this is usually not the norm and such cases are rare.

It is not the procedure that is risky – it is the person holding the knife. With a sudden surge in the demand for cosmetic surgery, the number of unqualified doctors ready to perform for cheap has shot up. But results of such surgeries are devastating. Dr Paul Fortes, a board certified plastic surgeon, understands the importance of a professional hand when it comes to cosmetic surgery. With over eight years of experience, he is among the best in Houston and Katy, TX. Dr Fortes makes sure that his patients don’t require additional surgeries.

Post operation recovery time

After the surgery, you will not be able to sit directly on your buttocks for at least three weeks. You will have to lie down for most of the time. Patients may also experience pain and discomfort, which reduces within a few weeks. One will have to wear a compression garment for most of the times for added support. It helps to heal the buttocks better. Also, one has to refrain from exercising or lifting heavy objects. It roughly takes around 12 months for the scars to disappear but it also varies from person to person.

For more information about the cosmetic surgery treatments and procedures performed by Houston | Katy TX Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul F. Fortes please click here or call 713-489-7996.

Painless Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Once in a while, each one of us gets that sudden excitement of getting inked. While some let it pass, others waste no time in rushing to the tattoo parlor. It is not long before the excitement disappears and you regret that hasty decision.

We all know getting a tattoo can be quite painful but doing away with it, not so much.
Laser tattoo removal techniques these days can make a tattoo vanish with no pain and almost no side effects. But that doesn’t mean it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Lately, there has been a sudden increase in the number of people wanting to do away with their tattoos. Cosmetic surgeons are getting more and more requests from people to get tattoos removed.

If planning to get your tattoo removed, one has to be sure of the person who performs the procedure. The process is no different from cosmetic surgery and should be performed by a professional. Also, like any other medical procedure, the success of a plastic surgery depends on the doctor.

Dr Paul Fortes, a respected plastic surgeon, has been serving patients in and around Houston and Katy, TX. Well known for his precision, Dr Fortes is someone who can be trusted when it comes to getting your tattoo erased.

Why laser treatment?

Laser tattoo removal treatments have become very popular in the recent years. One reason for its popularity – it offers highly effective results with minimal risks and no pain.

To wipe out a tattoo, lasers have to break it down into smaller ink particles. Tattoo removal lasers, also known as ultra-short pulse lasers, or Q-switch lasers operate really fast and on a very low frequency.

Is the treatment safe?

Laser treatment for tattoo removal is one of the safest options available in the market today. There might be a small risk of scarring but that can be dealt with later. The treatment is safer than a number of other traditional methods used to erase tattoos. A number of people also prefer adding a new tattoo on the existing one to hide it.

Cost of procedure

The size and complexity of the tattoo decides the price of the treatment. Another factor that plays an important role when it comes to price is the color. If a tattoo is multi-colored, it is bound to take more sittings and cost a lot. Black color absorbs all laser wavelengths but this is not the case with other pigments. Other colors have to be treated with different lasers.

Possible side-effects :

• There is always some risk of infection involved with the procedure, which is also the biggest worry after completion.

• There might be a slight chance that you are left with a barely visible scar in the place of the tattoo.

• Hypopigmentation is another risk involved in the process. The treated skin becomes a little paler than the normal skin.

• The procedure may lead to hyperpigmentation. The affected area becomes darker than the surrounding skin.

For more information about the cosmetic surgery treatments and procedures performed by Houston | Katy TX Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul F. Fortes please click here or call 713-489-7996.