New Site Design | Cosmetic Surgery | Houston TexasDr. Paul Fortes provides innovative and advanced cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures through his state of the art practice. The practice has now launched its new website in technical collaboration with CreativeTake Medical, which is premier website design, SEO and online marketing company for medical professionals.

Through his practice, Dr. Fortes reaches out to people in and around Houston, Katy, TX, and nearby areas who seek to transform their aesthetic appearance and personal confidence levels. As a leading board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fortes is committed to delivering cutting edge aesthetic solutions, both surgical and non-surgical, to his patients. His new site is designed to serve as a powerful aid to support this objective.


Patient Education

Dr. Fortes gave a clear mandate to to develop his website not only with the purpose of promoting his own practice, but also with a larger goal to disseminate useful information and awareness about safe, proven and effective plastic surgery procedures.

At his practice, Dr. Fortes emphasizes on patient education, and engages with the patients closely from the initial consultation till the post-operative phase. He will address all their queries and help them to make informed decisions. The same commitment to inform and educate patients also pervades through


Meet Dr. Fortes

Dr. Fortes and the expert team at CreativeTake recognized the importance of familiarizing a new patient with the background of the cosmetic surgeon so that they can make a better informed decision. Therefore, a comprehensive and in-depth section about Dr. Fortes has been included in that enlists the qualifications, certifications, training, experience, accomplishments and awards and honors earned by him over the years.

The website acknowledges the importance of what other patients are saying about the surgeon in Houston, Katy, TX, and surrounding locations. It can immensely help new patients to know the surgeon from their perspective, and assess the reputation that the surgeon may enjoy among the patients.

Therefore, includes a section on RealSelf Reviews, which covers reviews about Dr. Fortes on website. It also includes a section on Real Patient Ratings, which is an independent survey service providing patient reviews. Actual handwritten testimonials of patients are also scanned and uploaded on Dr. Fortes’ website.


Procedures includes a detailed section on plastic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures and services. The section is logically categorized into dozens of procedures related to the breast, body, face, hand, and men’s services as well as non-surgical procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, fat injections, sclerotherapy, medispa, permanent makeup, and skincare services.

New patients seeking specific information about a particular procedure can easily identify the relevant section and receive information on a dedicated web page.


Other Sections includes exclusive sections such as Videos, Gallery, Blog, and Locations. One of the unique sections on the website is Knowledge Center, which is sub-divided into sections on Safety Information, FAQ, Plastic Surgery Expectations, and Post-operative Care.

The website serves as a comprehensive online information resource, and is regularly updated with new and insightful articles and content to serve the patient community in Houston, Katy, TX and other areas.


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Mini Tummy Tuck | Plastic Surgery | Houston TX | Katy TXSome people may not require a full traditional tummy tuck cosmetic surgery if they only have a moderate amount of sagging skin and fat tissue in the abdominal area. In such cases, the surgeon may recommend a mini tummy tuck or partial abdominoplasty. This is a modified form of the original procedure that involves a shorter incision just above the pubic area.

Dr. Paul Fortes is a well-known plastic surgeon providing both full and partial tummy tuck procedures. Dr. Fortes will assess the patient’s abdominal anatomy and their specific aesthetic goals before recommending the right procedure. He receives patients from Houston, Katy, TX, and surrounding communities.


Who is a Candidate for Mini Tummy Tuck?

Mini tummy tuck plastic surgery is often recommended for people who do not have a substantially protruding abdominal muscle wall and have a moderate amount of sagging abdominal skin. Most of their aesthetic concerns are below the belly button, but otherwise they are in fairly good shape. Excess tummy skin and fat in these candidates is localized in the mid abdominal area.


‘Scarless’ Procedure

One of the key benefits of mini tummy tuck procedure is that the cosmetic surgeon will be able to perform it using a smaller incision as compared to the traditional abdominoplasty. Therefore, mini tummy tuck is also sometimes called a scarless tummy tuck.

However, the scar will still be there, but it will be smaller in length and much less visible as compared to a full tummy tuck. The procedure is typically performed using local anesthesia and mild sedation. The surgeon will not have to reposition the navel in this procedure. In a few cases, liposuction may be combined with mini tummy tuck for more even looking results.


Smaller Exposure of the Abdominal Wall

A mini tummy tuck surgery not only requires a smaller incision than a full abdominoplasty, but it also involves a smaller exposure of the abdominal wall during the surgery. The surgical area in this case will typically extend from the point of incision to the navel. Through this incision, the surgeon will remove the excess fat and tighten the underlying abdominal muscles.

Once the procedure is completed, the surgeon will stretch the skin downward, and excise any excess tissue. The remaining skin will be tightly and smoothly stitched into place. A temporary drainage tube may be placed at the incision site for a few days during recovery. Dr. Fortes provides both traditional and mini tummy tuck surgeries to patients in Houston, Katy, TX, and nearby areas.



Recovery in case of mini tummy tuck is relatively faster and quite similar to that of liposuction surgery. The patient will usually be allowed to go home the same day. Some amount of post-op pain and discomfort will be there in the initial days, which can be managed with over the counter painkillers.

Most patients will be able to return to work in about a week after the surgery, but they should avoid vigorous exercises or strenuous activities for about four weeks. Going white water river rafting or playing basketball should not be on your to-do list!


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Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction | Plastic Surgery | Houston TX
Many women and men today experience the problem of unwanted fat deposits around the abdominal area due to genetic factors, sedentary lifestyles and other reasons. Once these fat deposits become resistant to diet or exercise, it may be difficult to get rid of them. Tummy tuck and liposuction cosmetic surgery are two proven and effective procedures that may help to achieve the patient’s specific aesthetic goals.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will explain the key differences between the two surgical options, and recommend the most appropriate procedure for a patient. Dr. Paul Fortes is a judicious and sensational plastic surgeon providing both tummy tuck and liposuction procedures to patients in Houston, Katy, TX, and surrounding communities.


Primary Differences

Tummy tuck and liposuction procedures may be distinguished on several counts. In a few cases, both the procedures may be used in combination to achieve more uniform results.


Loose Skin and Fat Reduction

Some patients may suffer from the twin problems of excess accumulation of stubborn fat tissue and sagging skin in the abdominal area. Sometimes the underlying abdominal muscles may also be weak or separated, causing the abdomen to sag significantly.

In such cases, tummy tuck may be a more appropriate plastic surgery procedure. Liposuction will be recommended only in cases where the patient has excess fat pockets in the abdomen, but the skin is fairly tight and elastic.



Tummy tuck surgery is usually a more comprehensive procedure as compared to liposuction. While advanced techniques such as laser and ultrasound have made liposuction less invasive and more targeted, a full tummy tuck still requires a traditional surgery under general anesthesia. Liposuction can be performed using tumescent technique, which involves only local anesthesia.


Scarring and Downtime

In case of tummy tuck, the cosmetic surgeon may have to place multiple incisions, especially if both upper and lower abdominal areas are involved. The length of incisions in case of liposuction will be relatively smaller. As a result, the downtime involved as well as the scarring in case of tummy tuck may be a little higher as compared to liposuction.

Dr. Fortes takes care to keep the scarring as discreet as possible by placing the incisions in less conspicuous locations. Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Katy, TX, and nearby areas for both tummy tuck and liposuction surgery.


Recovery Process

Liposuction will typically have a relatively easier and faster recovery, with less pain and discomfort for the patient. Bruising and swelling may subside in a few weeks, revealing the full results of liposuction.

On the other hand, in case of tummy tuck surgery, the recovery process can be a little longer and requiring more care. Particularly when surgery of the upper abdomen is involved and the underlying muscles are tightened, the recovery will take longer and bruising and swelling may fully disappear in a few months.


Right Candidates

A suitable candidate for liposuction will be someone with a moderate and stable body weight and a decent degree of skin elasticity, but having excess fat tissue deposits in the abdominal area. Tummy tuck candidates may have loose skin and weak underlying muscles apart from excess abdominal tissue.


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Breast Implant Removal | Plastic Surgery Houston TX Following breast augmentation cosmetic surgery, sometimes it may become necessary to remove the implants. Breast implant removal surgery may be required due to implant rupture, misalignment, or shifting of the implant from its position, asymmetry, capsular contracture, infections or other surgical complications, breast cancer, or simply due to changed aesthetic preferences of the patient.

Dr. Paul Fortes is a leading plastic surgeon providing various procedures for the breast, body and face, including breast implant removal surgery. In many cases, the old or damaged implants may be replaced with new ones, depending on the patient’s needs. Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Katy, TX, and surrounding areas for breast implant removal or replacement.


Types of Implant Removal

Implant and Scar Tissue Removal

Some patients may require the removal of both the implant and the scar tissue around it. Scar tissue will be removed only when it is creating a problem. In such case, the implant removal plastic surgery will be more involved and will include a longer recovery period.


Implant Removal and Breast Lift

If the implants have been in place for a long time, the appearance of the breasts may have changed over the years. If the breasts are sagging significantly, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend a breast lift to be performed at the same time with implant removal.



In case of capsular contracture or calcification around the implant capsule, it may be necessary to remove the capsule along with the implant. This procedure called capsulectomy may also be performed when implant replacement is required. Dr. Fortes provides these procedures to patients in Houston, Katy, TX, and nearby locations.


Internal Breast Work

In case of implant removal surgery, a majority of patients will also need internal breast work to be done. The surgeon may perform an ‘auto augmentation’ technique to restore the hanging breast tissue to its original place. This will enable the patient to have a full, raised breast following implant removal.

Breast lift may be combined with this procedure depending on the amount of loose skin. If breast lift is not needed, the surgeon will try to use the original incision so that no fresh scars on the breast will occur with breast implant removal.


Minimally Scarring Technique

An experienced surgeon will perform implant removal procedure through the smallest possible incision. This will ensure little to no scarring. In many cases, the surgeon may combine implant removal with an internal breast lift. This will involve a very small incision placed in the lower breast, generally around the lower half of the areola. In this place, the scar will be virtually invisible.

The lower breast skin will be separated from the breast tissue to enable the raising of the breast without having to cut the skin. Depending on the extent of the lift, a central mound of breast tissue will be taken from the lower half of the breast and tucked below the central breast. This will create an ‘auto augmentation’ of the breast, and fill up the depleted upper half to achieve a younger, natural looking breast.

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