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Breast Implant Surgery Risks and Safety

Breast Implant Surgery Risks and Safety | Houston | KatyAs per the latest ASAPS data, breast implant surgery currently ranks as the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US after liposuction.

Success rates in implant surgery have dramatically improved over the years, and more women now feel encouraged to seek breast implants. However, breast implant surgery will still entail certain risks, which are typically associated with any surgery, apart from specific implant risks.

At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about the pros and cons as well as the potential risks involved in breast enlargement surgery.

The surgeon’s first concern will be to help the patient make a well-informed decision. Dr. Paul Fortes is a board certified plastic surgeon providing breast implant surgery and various other procedures to patients in Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Port Arthur, TX, and surrounding communities in The Lone Star State.


Implant-Specific Risks

Some of the risks are unique to breast augmentation surgery because of the involvement of saline or silicone implants.


Capsular Contracture

Once the breast implant is embedded in the tissue, it will trigger the body’s immune response and lead to the formation of scar tissue around the implant. In a few cases, for reasons that largely remain unknown, the scar tissue may harden or contract, putting extra pressure on the implant.

The implants outer silicone shell will get squeezed due to tightening scar tissue, resulting in misshaping or shifting of the implant from its natural position or damage to the outer implant shell. The patient may experience pain as the breast capsule becomes harder. To address this situation, the surgeon may have to perform breast implant replacement or removal plastic surgery.


Implant Rippling

Patients should ideally choose the implant size in relation to the amount of skin available to cover the implant adequately. If the size of the implant is disproportionately large, it may result in the implant developing creases or folds. This will create a rippling effect on the skin surface, distorting the natural breast look.

The surgeon can minimize this risk by helping the patient select the most appropriate size and shape of implants in view of the patient’s unique breast anatomy and skin availability. Tremendous and sagacious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Port Arthur, TX, and nearby areas for breast implants.


Implant Damage or Shifting

Sometimes just the surgery is performed, the implant may move from its position. This displacement risk is particularly higher in larger sized implants, while the risk of implant rupture or damage is common to all types of implants. A breast revision surgery may be necessary to correct this condition.


Surgery-related Risks


Infection risks can be mitigated if the breast implant surgery is performed at an accredited facility that maintains a sterile surgical environment. After the surgery, the patient should avoid contamination exposure in the incision sites to minimize the risk.



Numbness, sensitivity, or change of sensation in the nipple area may occur after the implant surgery. In most cases, the condition will resolve on its own, but rarely, the numbness may be extended or become permanent.

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