Facial Rejuvenation for the Chin

Aesthetic surgery of the chin must take into account the age and gender of the patient as well as the appearance of the rest of the face (especially the nose) and the neck. How the chin appears in profile is influenced significantly by the shape of the neck. When the neck contour is full or sagging from redundant fat or loose skin, the chin can appear poorly defined. In many cases, correction of the neck by liposuction or neck lift can improve the appearance of the chin. In cases where the chin is “weak” and does not project sufficiently, augmentation with a chin implant can restore more pleasing facial proportions. Even a simple office procedure like injection with a filler (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm) can improve the contour of the chin. A strong, well-defined chin is often associated with strength and with confidence. It is a feature that should never be neglected when evaluating and planning corrections for other features of the face.