This is a 34 year old mother of one child who has a complicated course following breast augmentation surgery in another state. The original saline breast implants were much too big and wide for her body, and she started experiencing several problems including lateral displacement of the implants and breast pain from implant pressure on the intercostal nerves of her chest. After control-deflation of her saline implants, she was left with extremely thinned-out, deflated, and sagging breasts. She was not interested in having a new breast implant, but did want to correct the extreme sagging. She underwent surgical removal of the deflated saline breast implants, bilateral capsulectomies, and bilateral full mastopexies (breast lift surgery). She is shown before surgery and six weeks post-op. The mastopexy scars will continue to face over a 12 month recovery. Her breast pain has completely resolved.

-Patient of Dr. Paul F. Fortes

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