Fat Micrografting (Brazilian Butt-Lift)

“Brazilian Butt-Lift”

Fat micro grafting is an operative technique that involves the addition of mature fat cells and undifferentiated “stem” cells to a region of the body that is in need of volume for the purpose of achieving a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The fat and stem cells typically are harvested from a separate region of the body that is excessively full in fat. The harvested fat is processed for immediate injection (micro grafting) into the area where the additional fullness is desired. Any region of the body and face can be fat micro grafted, but the most commonly grafted areas are the buttocks, the face, and any region of contour depression or irregularity.

Fat micro grafting is the “addition” part of the “addition-subtraction” body contouring equation that pairs micro grafting with liposuction and liposculpture. The final results of fat micro grafting and liposculpture can be dramatic and transforming. The technique is safe and reliable, and the results can last a lifetime!

How much fat is needed for a butt augmentation?