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Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women and Men

Top Plastic Surgery Procedures | Houston | Katy | SurgeonUntil a few decades ago, cosmetic surgery procedures were seen as the exclusive domain of the rich and the famous. The average woman or man next door had little access to these procedures due to their prohibitive costs.

However, with quick advancements in surgical technology, these procedures have now become far more accessible and affordable. Millions of Americans now receive the benefit of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures every year.

With each passing year, the quality and range of cosmetic procedures has continued to improve, resulting in a consistent rise in the number of these procedures.

Although a majority of these procedures are still chosen only by women, but men are now increasingly interested in enhancing their physical image and self-confidence with these procedures. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Fortes provides cutting edge aesthetic procedures to patients in Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Port Arthur, TX, and surrounding locations across the horizon.


Wide Acceptance  

A positive word of mouth from patients who have benefitted from plastic surgery has led to a wider acceptance and popularity of these procedures. The medical community has whole-heartedly supported these procedures, which encourages many new patients to seek cosmetic surgical solutions.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) data, in 2016 Americans spent over $15 billion on invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. This represents a year on year growth of 11 percent over 2015.

Plastic surgery constituted nearly 56 percent of these procedures, while 44 percent were non-surgical procedures. This amount of $15 billion is the largest ever that has been spent on cosmetic treatments in the US in a single year ever since ASAPS began its annual Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics survey about two decades ago.

ASAPS research shows that people’s aspirations are undergoing a rapid change, and more Americans now seek subtle and refined cosmetic treatments. For instance, more women now prefer fat transfer breast enhancement in place of traditional breast implants to make the results look more discreet. Similarly, the popularity of breast lift has been rising because the procedure is more understated than breast augmentation.

But this trend does not indicate that the popularity of breast augmentation surgery is going down. On the contrary, in absolute terms, more women still choose breast implant surgery, and it continues to rank as the number two plastic surgery procedure in the US at present.

Surgeries once considered niche, such as vaginal rejuvenation, are now becoming mainstream. Men’s procedures, ranging from jaw line enhancement to tummy tuck are also becoming popular.


Five Most Popular Procedures

The five most popular procedures in 2016, according to the ASAPS data, for women and men combined, include:

  • Liposuction – 414,335 procedures
  • Breast Augmentation – 310,444 procedures
  • Tummy Tuck – 181,540 procedures
  • Eyelid Surgery – 173,883 procedures
  • Breast Lift – 161,412 procedures

These procedures are often performed in conjunction with other surgical or non-surgical aesthetic treatments to create more comprehensive and natural looking results. Outstanding and judicious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Port Arthur, TX, and nearby areas for plastic surgery.

For more information about the cosmetic surgery treatments and procedures performed by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul F. Fortes please click here or call 713-489-7996. Serving patients in Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, Beaumont, Port Arthur and other surrounding areas of Texas.

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