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Your Breast Implant Surgery Consultation

Your Breast Implant Surgery Consultation | Houston | KatyPre-operative consultation plays a vital role in a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as breast implants and lays the foundation for a successful surgery.

Breast implant procedure is significantly customizable, which means the patient’s proactive involvement is necessary during the consultation process to help the surgeon create a unique surgical plan according to her needs.

During the consultation, the patient will also have the opportunity to learn all about breast implant surgery and clear her doubts and concerns. She can familiarize herself in a better way with the surgeon and their staff, and establish a good rapport. Patients in Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Port Arthur, TX, and other cities and suburbs in this part of the country have an opportunity to receive breast implant surgery from board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Fortes.


Determining Candidacy

At the time of initial consultation, the surgeon will examine the patient’s present health condition as well as review her previous health records. Specialized mammograms may also be ordered in some cases.

The surgeon’s goal will be ensure that the candidate is fit to undergo the breast implant surgery as well as general anesthesia. They will also assess the skin type and the amount of skin laxity in the breast area in order to determine the right surgical approach.


Major Decisions

Some important decisions will be made during the breast implant plastic surgery consultation. These will include the selection of the breast implant type and size, the choice of the appropriate surgical technique, the location of incisions, the placement of implants above or below the pectoral muscle, and whether the procedure may be performed in conjunction with breast lift or another surgery.


Implant Selection

The selection of breast implants is a vital decision that will influence the final aesthetic outcome of the surgery. The patient will have a choice between saline and silicone implants in varying sizes, shapes, profiles and textures. The surgeon will discuss the benefits and limitations of both types of implants and recommend the most appropriate size and shape according to the patient’s unique anatomical and cosmetic needs.


Incision Location

Incisions in case of breast implant surgery can be placed below the breast crease at the base of the breast, in the underarm area, or along the lower circumference of the areola. In rare cases, an incision may be placed in the navel area. Board certified and adroit plastic surgeon Dr. Fortes receives patients from Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Port Arthur, TX, and other cities and neighborhoods in this part of America for breast implant surgery.


Developing Expectations

The surgeon may choose to present breast implant surgery before and after images during the initial consultation. This will help the patient know what the procedure can or cannot do for her, and form realistic expectations about it. Patients with realistic goals and expectations will usually be able to appreciate the final results in a better way and feel more positive about their new body image.


Pre- and Post-op Instructions

At the time of consultation, the surgeon will give instructions to the patient about certain precautions to be observed in the pre- and post-operative phases. Smoking and certain medications will have to be avoided for a certain period as specified by the surgeon.

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