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Plastic Surgeon Houston Plastic Surgeon Houston Plastic Surgeon Houston Plastic Surgeon Houston


paul fortes


Dr. Fortes has always been at the top of his class at every level of his education.

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Double-Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Houston

Dr. Paul Fortes is double-board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, both ABMS-recognized board certifications. His full training in general surgery at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas and plastic surgery at Northwestern Medical Center in Chicago over eight years is one of the most extensive in his field. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rice University and was selected for membership in the exclusive Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society while at Baylor College of Medicine. He is currently a Diplomat of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Meet amber braly

Patient Care Coordinator

Amber Braly is Dr. Fortes’ patient care coordinator. She is readily available to assist you in making your aesthetic enhancements journey a smooth process.

Amber has years of experience in plastic surgery, is passionate about her work, and continually strives to improve all aspects of the practice to provide her patients with the best possible experience she knows they deserve. As patient care coordinator she is dedicated to helping each patient with setting cosmetic goals, providing financing options, answering pre-op questions, coordinating medical screenings, and scheduling surgeries. As a coordinator, Amber works very closely with Dr. Fortes and all members of Dr. Fortes’ team to help make the process easy and seamless for her patients. That way each patient can focus his or her attention on their aesthetic surgery goals so they can confidently feel empowered to achieve them.

Supporting Dr. Fortes in changing people’s lives, Amber feels blessed to work with a doctor who is a visionary in the field of plastic surgery. She understands how life-changing the decision to have cosmetic surgery can be and is always ready and willing to ensure that each and every patient is provided the best and highest quality care that Dr. Fortes and The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery have to offer. To meet Amber and Dr. Fortes call today at (713) 489-7996.

Plastic Surgeon Houston

Introducing Fortes Figure

As one of Houston's premier mommy makeover specialists, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Fortes incorporates numerous alluring details to achieve exceptional results through his patient-acclaimed Fortes Figure.

Over his 20-year career, Dr. Fortes has spent a majority of it curating and crafting what women of all sizes seek; a sexy new body that often looks even better than it did before having children, as many of his patients express.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Fortes combines the scientific rigor of plastic surgery with his native artistic sensibility to customize and craft superior results that reflect his precision and vision to create the unique masterpiece that each woman represents.

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Compassion. Knowledge. Mastery.

Plastic Surgeon Houston Plastic Surgeon Houston

TRUST is at the root of every
plastic surgery experience.

It is the foundation that allows patients to pursue their goals with confidence and excitement for a more vibrant future. As one of only a few double-board-certified Houston plastic surgeons, Dr. Paul Fortes takes that trust seriously. By scrutinizing and refining every aspect of patient care, Dr. Fortes delivers an unparalleled plastic surgery experience — with exquisitely personalized results.

Dr. Fortes has performed over 10,000 surgeries since 1998. Through exceeding empathy and mastery of his craft, Dr. Fortes guides each patient on a unique path to enhanced confidence.

Houston, Tx //


Double-Board-Certified //


10,000+ Surgeries //


Since 1998 //

Houston, TX     //     Double-Board-Certified     //     10,000+ Surgeries     //     Since 1998

Houston Plastic Surgery Procedures

Sculpt A Beautiful Future

“I combine my artistic vision with the latest technical advances in plastic surgery to give my patients
the results They deserve.

- Dr. Paul Fortes

Dr. Fortes’ Philosophy

Beauty is Good for the Soul”

Plastic surgery is a balancing act wherein a doctor must employ science, artistry, and empathy to deliver a truly beneficial outcome.

While skill and experience are paramount to performing surgeries safely and successfully, empathy is vital to providing patients with an enjoyable treatment experience in which they know their vision and best interests are seen and understood. Patient-focused Houston surgeon, Dr. Fortes, takes an exceptionally individualized approach to cosmetic procedures to support the patient’s overall well-being and achieve outcomes that are visually and personally authentic. With every procedure, Dr. Fortes considers each facet of his patient’s health, lifestyle, aesthetics, and goals to curate your ideal treatment plan through customized procedures and techniques.

Dr. Fortes’ philosophy is that true beauty shines through health, confidence, and vitality, and that your plastic surgery treatment should supplement all of these aspects of you. With a far-reaching reputation for prioritizing individual needs, Dr. Fortes takes pride in helping each patient feel seen, supported, and beautiful.

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Featured Plastic Surgery Procedures in Houston



Dr. Fortes offers a broad selection of surgical and non-surgical procedures to suit each patient’s needs. Because each procedure is tailored to your unique needs and desires, many treatments can be combined to address multiple concerns at once or enhance their overall effects. Read more about our featured procedures, and schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Fortes to learn how every detail of your treatment can be designed to help you get closer to the mental image you have of yourself.

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Your Most Confident Mom Life

Mommy Makeover in Houston

Motherhood offers one of life’s most profound and fulfilling experiences, creating a uniquely unshakable bond and a lifetime of love. While nothing may detract from this experience, many women find that restoring their pre-baby body contributes to their overall sense of self, confidence, and well-being. A mommy makeover is a combination procedure designed to restore fullness in the breasts and smooth abdominal contours for a youthfully feminine appearance. Learn more about this highly personalized combination plastic surgery procedure.

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Plastic Surgeon Houston
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Youthful & Feminine

Breast Surgery in Houston

Your ideal breasts are yours to determine. Dr. Fortes offers a variety of breast procedures to help you realize your individual goals. Every breast augmentation, lift, and reduction is personalized to the patient’s specific preferences, anatomy, and needs. Enhance your breasts’ fullness, symmetry, shape, youthfulness, or comfort to suit your vivacious look and life by learning more about the various options we offer, and schedule your consultation to design your customized treatment plan with a double-board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Plastic Surgeon Houston
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Elevate Your Future

Facelifts & Neck Lifts in Houston

Over the years, the skin on the face and neck gradually loses its firm, youthful appearance in a process known as “skin laxity”. As the skin’s elasticity increases and facial volume decreases, areas may begin to droop, wrinkle, or appear hollow. Lifting procedures involve meticulously removing small sections of excess skin and restoring underlying tissue structures to their original positions for a more lifted look. With careful attention to your unique anatomy, Dr. Fortes can help you achieve natural-looking facelift and neck lift results that can lift, tighten, and add definition to your face and jawline.

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Plastic Surgeon Houston
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Putting It All Together

Tummy Tuck in Houston

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, removes excess skin and isolated fat from the abdominal area to create smoother contours and a flatter, firmer midsection. A tummy tuck is an ideal solution to abdominal skin laxity following pregnancy or significant weight loss. For patients with pockets of isolated stubborn fat, a tummy tuck often includes liposuction to refine the abdomen’s silhouette. With expert precision and advanced techniques, Dr. Fortes creates exquisitely natural tummy tuck results.

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Plastic Surgeon Houston
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The Art of Sculpting

Liposuction in Houston

Due to a variety of factors, such as aging, hormonal changes, lifestyle factors, and genetics, many individuals experience pockets of fat that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise. Liposuction targets specific areas to create slim and youthful contours. Through very small incisions, stubborn fat is permanently removed, and the remaining fat is meticulously sculpted to create smooth, natural-looking results. Liposuction can be applied to virtually any area of the body, including the abdomen, arms, legs, back, flanks, and submental area.

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Plastic Surgeon Houston
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A Fresh Outlook

Blepharoplasty in Houston

For patients with heavy eyelids or aging around the eyes, blepharoplasty is a relatively small surgical procedure that offers significant rejuvenation power. Because the eyes serve as a natural focal point of the face, lifting and refining the skin around them can revitalize your appearance in addition to alleviating some field-of-vision concerns. Blepharoplasty lifts the eyelids and sculpts underlying tissues to create a more vibrant look. With decades of experience, Dr. Fortes delivers impeccable upper and lower eyelid surgery results.

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Plastic Surgeon Houston

“I do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to plastic surgery; instead, I collaborate closely with each patient and tailor their treatment in a highly customized manner. I recognize that everyone is unique, and I do not adhere to a standardized formula.”

- Dr. Paul Fortes

What Patients Say

success stories

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Plastic Surgeon Houston

“Amazing experience with Dr. Fortes and his staff! He is truly an artist and knew what he was doing, my body now has the perfect hourglass shape and I’ve received so so so many compliments! No one would have guessed I had any work done unless I told them…Loved everything about my experience, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

–Patient of Dr. Paul F. Fortes

Plastic Surgeon Houston

“Fortes is an artist. I’ve had rhinoplasty with Dr. Fortes. Going through surgery; the environment doesn’t feel like being in a hospital, some people get scared when it comes to needles & all of that stuff. It was totally painless. The staff is very nice. The surgeon makes his patients feel appreciated. He is an artist. I’m thankful.”

–Clara S., Houston rhinoplasty patient

Plastic Surgeon Houston

“I recently had a blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Fortes, and I cannot express enough how exceptional my experience was from start to finish...”

–Sophie A., Houston blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation patient.

Plastic Surgeon Houston

“Dr. Fortes has been nothing short of amazing. From his team at scheduling to the nurses in the OR and office. I have been beyond impressed. I did extensive research before picking a surgeon, and I’m so beyond grateful I chose Dr. Fortes. … If I could give him a 10-star review I would do it time and time again. Thank you, Dr. Fortes for making me feel like me again.”

–Jessica F., Houston breast augmentation and lift patient.

Plastic Surgeon Houston

“Amazing experience with Dr. Fortes and his staff!! He is truly an artist and knew exactly what he was doing, my body now has the perfect hourglass shape and I’ve received so so so many compliments! The best thing is that my body looks beyond natural as well! No one would have guessed I had any work done unless I told them. The clinic is CLEAN and the staff was super friendly and informative!...”

–Clara S., Houston plastic surgery patient.

Plastic Surgeon Houston

“I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Fortes. He is very professional with a great personality. He makes you feel welcomed and informed and provides knowledge. I had a mommy makeover with him and now working with him with the skinny shot and I love the office and staff … Absolutely recommend Dr. Fortes he’s changed my life!! For the better!”

–Zoraya V., Houston, TX, mommy makeover and skinny shot patient.

Plastic Surgeon Houston

“Dr. Fortes is extremely professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I had a tummy tuck and liposuction because my c-section left me with extra skin. It’s been only 3 weeks and my stomach is so flat and my waist is so little! I highly recommend this doctor! The staff is nice and very helpful as well! ”

–Clara S., Houston tummy tuck with lipo patient.

Out-of-Town Patients

Plastic Surgeon Houston
Plastic Surgeon Houston
Plastic Surgeon Houston
Plastic Surgeon Houston
Plastic Surgeon Houston
Plastic Surgeon Houston
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World-Class Cosmetic Results In Houston

Dr. Fortes’ far-reaching reputation draws patients from all over the country to Houston for world-class care and results. Following an online consultation with Dr. Fortes, our patient care coordinator Amber Braly will assist you with planning a streamlined treatment experience.

During your stay in Houston, TX, we strongly encourage you to enjoy all that our city has to offer, including Michelin-star restaurants, a booming art scene, and travel-worthy designer and boutique shopping. Following your procedure, you may enjoy exploring some of the surrounding natural areas or taking a tranquil walk through the Houston Botanical Garden. Based on the duration of your stay and the details of your procedure, we are here to help you make the most of your treatment, inside and outside our office

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Care You Can Trust

Place your trust in deserving hands. Explore state-of-the-art options and design your personalized treatment plan with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Fortes. Your best results are within reach.