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Women may choose to undergo a breast lift for a variety of reasons. Some women may desire to strengthen and tone their bodies after giving birth and lactating. Others struggle with the effects of time, genetics, and weight fluctuations on their breasts and seek an effective means of regaining a youthful appearance. Dr. Fortes provides effective breast lift procedures to meet patient objectives and reach aesthetic goals.

Perk Up

What is a Breast Lift?

Breast mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, is a surgical procedure used to reshape and elevate the breasts.

This surgery can help restore the firmness and contour of sagging breasts. A breast lift will not increase or decrease the size of the breasts. Those who wish to change the size or volume of their breasts may also contemplate breast augmentation or breast reduction in addition to a breast lift.

Upward and Onward

What are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, offers several benefits for women looking to rejuvenate the appearance of their breasts. Some of the key benefits include:

Restored Youthful Appearance: Breast lift surgery can address sagging breasts, restoring a more youthful and perky contour.

Improved Confidence: Many women experience a boost in self-esteem and confidence following breast lift surgery, as it can enhance the overall appearance of the breasts.

Clothing Fit: A breast lift can also improve clothing fit, allowing for a wider range of clothing options and increased comfort.

Rejuvenated Body Proportion: By lifting and reshaping the breasts, the procedure can help enhance overall body proportion and silhouette, leading to a more balanced aesthetic.

Overall, breast lift surgery can provide physical and emotional benefits, helping women achieve the look they desire and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Breast Lift Houston

Rise and Reshape

Your Breast Lift Consultation

A breast lift consultation with Dr. Fortes is where you should start if you believe that a breast lift could address your aesthetic concerns. With a breast lift plan, we can determine your candidacy, discuss the procedure and recovery, answer any questions you may have, and help you achieve your objectives. Call now!

Lifting Spirits, Lifting Breasts

Your Breast Lift Procedure

Most breast lifts are outpatient procedures performed under general anesthesia. Techniques may vary considerably. Dr. Fortes will help you choose the most appropriate procedure based on the size, shape, and other characteristics of your breasts. The vast majority of breast lifts involve three incisions. The first will circumnavigate the dark area near the nipple, also known as the areola. The second incision is made from beneath the nipple to the root of the breast. The final incision is made in each breast’s natural crease at the bottom. Through these incisions, excess breast skin caused by aging or laxity can be surgically removed. It also allows physicians to redefine the nipple in a different location. The breast will be reshaped after the removal of excess skin and the relocation of the nipple and areola.

Defying Gravity

Breast Lift Results

Immediate results are visible post-surgery, with final results appearing over the next few months as the breasts settle into their new shape and position. Breast lift surgery typically extends its youthful results for about 10-15 years, with some patients experiencing longer-lasting outcomes. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and individual variation can influence the longevity of the results. It is important to note that signs such as loose skin, wrinkling, or sagging breasts over time may indicate the need for a revision. It's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to retain the new look longer and consider the timing of the surgery in relation to future pregnancy or significant weight loss.

Breast Lift Houston

Youthful Contours

Breast Lift Recovery and Aftercare

A surgical support bra and gauze are common post-breast-lift accessories. In the event of excessive hemorrhage or fluid accumulation, your breast incisions may be fitted with small tubes. Dr. Fortes will prescribe pain medication to be used in the days immediately following a breast lift. It is best to avoid any lifting, bending, or straining.

You should also sleep on your back or side to avoid placing stress on your breasts. Expect your breasts to feel tender, bruised, and swollen for about two weeks. Following your procedure, the areas around your incisions will be pink or red for a few months, and you may experience pain and tenderness. Some patients also experience a minor degree of numbness for several weeks. Continued communication with Dr. Fortes will help ensure your healing is on track and your experienced discomforts are a natural part of the process.

Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

If you desire to remedy sagging breasts, this procedure may be the best option. Patients who benefit most from mastopexy or breast lifts typically have sagging or stretched skin and decreased breast volume due to aging. Breastfeeding, pregnant, or possibly pregnant women should not undertake a mastopexy. If you plan to lose a significant amount of weight after surgery, your results will be diminished as well, and you should hold off on a breast lift until later.

A breast lift does not significantly change the size of the breasts, but it can be combined with breast augmentation using implants for enhanced volume.

While scarring is inevitable, a skilled surgeon will make every effort to minimize visible scarring, and scars will fade over time.

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