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We’re pleased that you are considering a prestigious board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Fortes for your surgery. You can be assured that Dr. Fortes, a Houston plastic surgeon, is very professional and compassionate about helping his patients set goals that are achievable with today’s advanced plastic surgery techniques. Please fill the form below to schedule your consultation.

Photo Directions:

  • Upload at least four, full-body photos: front, back, and both sides (one of each).
  • Full facial if you are inquiring about a facial procedure.
  • Pictures should be taken against a solid background (eg. wall) and in a well-lit room.
  • The positioning of the camera should be in the middle of your body or face.
  • Not overly tilted up or down.
  • Do not crop, edit, or adjust the photos in any way.
  • Make sure the pictures are clear, not blurry.
  • Please take the photos in your undergarments only.

*Disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to submit photos. Submitting photos is at your own discretion. Although an online consultation helps us better understand the needs of our patients, surgeries and pricing discussed during the online consultation are subject to change once seen in person. We ask that you allow us up to two business days to reply.


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