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Want to Speed Up Your Healing Process? POST-OPERATIVE CARE


We realize that any decision to have surgery is a serious decision. To help you better understand the process you will be given educational and informational material that will help you through the preoperative and postoperative cosmetic surgery.

Post operative recovery is a major concern for the lifestyle of our patients. We strive to help you have the best recovery and fastest recovery possible. Every person is different and every surgery is unique. We work with you as an individual to fit the recovery needs you may have.

Remember that following our guidelines will help you minimize complications and good care of your body during post operative recovery will help minimize the appearance of post operative scars.

The length of time needed for recovery varies by surgery. Definitely do plan on having assistance for the first couple of days, and if you have small children you may need assistance in providing for their care. Vigorous activities like exercise are usually discouraged during the first few weeks after plastic surgery.

As part of our signature added touch services we offer home private visits to your home with our exclusive home health care nurse program. This service is provided when recommended by Dr. Fortes.

Your informational packet will have all of the answers that are specific to your individual situation, so feel free to contact Dr. Fortes to find out more regarding plastic surgery recovery.

Home Care Visits (Within Zip Code Range)

At ACPS, we prioritize your comfort and recovery, even after you leave our surgery center. To ensure you receive the best postoperative care, we offer home care visits within a specific zip code range.

Personalized Home Care Services

After being discharged from our surgery center, a trained medical assistant will visit your home the next day. During this visit, our medical professional will:

- Monitor your condition to ensure you are healing properly.

- Provide additional support and education tailored to your specific postoperative needs.

- Offer guidance and reassurance to you and your caregiver, addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Comprehensive Postoperative Support

Our goal is to make your recovery process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our home care visits are designed to give you peace of mind and the necessary resources to facilitate a quicker and more efficient recovery.

Long-Term Home Care Options

If you require extended home care services beyond the initial visit, ACPS can connect you with trusted local home care providers. We work with reputable services to ensure you continue to receive high-quality care tailored to your needs.

Accelerate Your Recovery with IV Therapy at ACPS

Dr. Fortes and the team at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS) are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care and recovery solutions. To enhance your healing experience and promote quicker recovery after surgery, we are excited to announce that IV Therapy is now available at both of our office locations.

What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy involves the administration of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous drip. This method ensures 100% absorption of these vital nutrients, allowing for immediate and effective delivery to your body’s cells.

Benefits of IV Therapy for Postoperative Recovery

- Quicker Recovery: IV Therapy helps accelerate the healing process by providing your body with the necessary nutrients to repair and regenerate tissues effectively.

- Hydration and Detoxification: Post-surgical recovery often involves managing inflammation and eliminating toxins from the body. IV Therapy ensures you stay well-hydrated and supports the body’s natural detoxification processes.

- Enhanced Immune Function: The immune-boosting vitamins and minerals in our IV Therapy solutions help strengthen your immune system, reducing the risk of infections and complications after surgery.

- Reduced Inflammation and Pain: Specific nutrients included in our IV Therapy can help minimize inflammation and alleviate pain, leading to a more comfortable recovery experience.

- Improved Energy Levels: Surgery and the recovery process can leave you feeling fatigued. IV Therapy replenishes essential nutrients and boosts your energy levels, helping you feel more vibrant and capable during your recovery.

Why Choose IV Therapy at ACPS?

Dr. Fortes and our highly trained medical team are committed to offering innovative and effective recovery solutions. Our IV Therapy treatments are customized to meet your specific postoperative needs, ensuring you receive the optimal blend of nutrients to support your recovery.

Convenient and Accessible

We understand the importance of convenience during your recovery period. That’s why we’ve made IV Therapy available at both of our ACPS office locations. Whether you’re recovering from a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, facelift, or any other procedure, you can easily access this beneficial therapy close to home.

Schedule Your IV Therapy Session Today

Enhance your postoperative recovery with our specialized IV Therapy treatments. To learn more or to schedule your session, please contact our office at [Your Phone Number] or visit our website to book an appointment.

NuEra Massages for Post-Operative Care: Enhance Your Recovery with Advanced Technology

At Dr. Fortes' practice, we prioritize your recovery and overall results following plastic surgery procedures. One of the key components to achieving a quicker recovery and optimal outcomes is our NuEra radio frequency massage therapy. Designed to support post-operative care for various procedures, including tummy tucks, the Fortes figure, mommy makeovers, and liposuction, NuEra massages are an essential part of your healing journey.

What is NuEra Radio Frequency Massage?

NuEra radio frequency massage is a cutting-edge treatment that uses radio frequency energy to deliver therapeutic heat to the underlying tissues. This advanced technology stimulates collagen production, enhances blood circulation, and promotes lymphatic drainage, which are crucial for reducing swelling and accelerating the healing process after surgery.

Benefits of NuEra Massages for Post-Operative Care

- Quicker Recovery: NuEra massages significantly speed up the recovery process by reducing inflammation and promoting efficient healing of surgical sites. Patients often experience less discomfort and a faster return to daily activities.

- Improved Skin Tightening: The radio frequency energy used in NuEra massages helps to tighten and firm the skin, enhancing the results of procedures like tummy tucks, the Fortes figure, and liposuction. This leads to smoother, more contoured outcomes.

- Enhanced Blood Circulation: By improving blood flow, NuEra massages help to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to the treated areas, further aiding in tissue repair and regeneration.

- Lymphatic Drainage: Effective lymphatic drainage is crucial for reducing post-operative swelling and bruising. NuEra massages facilitate this process, ensuring that excess fluids are efficiently removed from the body.

NuEra Massages for Specific Procedures

- Tummy Tuck: Post-operative care for tummy tucks can be significantly improved with NuEra massages. The treatment helps to flatten the abdominal area more effectively by promoting skin tightening and reducing swelling.

- Fortes Figure: For patients who undergo the Fortes Figure procedure, NuEra massages enhance the body contouring results by ensuring smoother skin and faster healing of the sculpted areas.

- Mommy Makeover: A mommy makeover involves multiple procedures aimed at restoring a woman's pre-pregnancy body. NuEra massages play a crucial role in managing post-surgical swelling, improving skin elasticity, and speeding up recovery across all treated areas.

- Liposuction: After liposuction, NuEra massages help to minimize lumps and bumps, ensuring an even and natural-looking contour by improving skin texture and reducing residual swelling.

Experience the Benefits of NuEra Massages

At Dr. Fortes' practice, we are committed to providing comprehensive post-operative care to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results. NuEra radio frequency massage therapy is a testament to our dedication to advanced recovery techniques and patient satisfaction.

If you're planning or have recently undergone a tummy tuck, Fortes figure, mommy makeover, or liposuction, consider incorporating NuEra massages into your recovery plan. For more information and to schedule your post-operative care, please contact our office today.

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