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We realize that any decision to have surgery is a serious decision. To help you better understand the process you will be given educational and informational material that will help you through the preoperative and postoperative cosmetic surgery.

Post operative recovery is a major concern for the lifestyle of our patients. We strive to help you have the best recovery and fastest recovery possible. Every person is different and every surgery is unique. We work with you as an individual to fit the recovery needs you may have.

Remember that following our guidelines will help you minimize complications and good care of your body during post operative recovery will help minimize the appearance of post operative scars.

The length of time needed for recovery varies by surgery. Definitely do plan on having assistance for the first couple of days, and if you have small children you may need assistance in providing for their care. Vigorous activities like exercise are usually discouraged during the first few weeks after plastic surgery.

As part of our signature added touch services we offer home private visits to your home with our exclusive home health care nurse program. This service is provided when recommended by Dr. Fortes.

Your informational packet will have all of the answers that are specific to your individual situation, so feel free to contact Dr. Fortes to find out more regarding plastic surgery recovery.

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