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Body contouring” is the term used to describe the full range of aesthetic surgical procedures that reshape and improve the appearance of the body. These procedures often involve the removal of excess fat by liposuction techniques, the addition of fat by fat micro-grafting techniques, and the excision of sagging skin to correct contour problems throughout the body. Body contouring surgeries, truly, are the only means to correct disproportions in people of all shapes and sizes. “Saddle bags,” “thunder thighs,” and “belly pouches, “are examples of areas that are reduced to achieve improvement. However, body contouring is not strictly about liposuction. Fat micro-grafting is the “addition” of fat cells to achieve an enhancement of the buttocks or of any other body region that is disproportionately flat or small.

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The term “mommy makeover” has become synonymous with body contouring after pregnancy. It is typically a combination of procedures to correct sagging and deflated breasts and to tighten the loose skin and muscles of the abdomen. Body contouring can also solve the problem of sagging skin and poorly distributed body fat in men and women who have lost significant amounts of weight. Brachioplasties, torsoplasties, and thighplasties are three surgical procedures for the correction of skin excesses in the arms, chest, and thighs, respectively.

Even when the body proportions are good, body contouring can also be relied upon to create a superior athletic physique. Abdominal etching and pectoral etching are two operations that can create gym-worthy bodies that sometimes cannot be achieved by working out alone. Body contouring is about using any and all of the techniques of liposuction, fat micro-grafting, and surgical skin tightening to achieve improvement in body proportions when good body proportions don’t naturally exist. The results of body contouring can be dramatic and long-lasting, and its positive effects on an individual can be powerful and life-changing!

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Body contouring is often planned as a combination of individual procedures, together creating a unified whole that is greater than the individual components. Liposuction, abdominoplasty, and aesthetic surgery of the breasts, when combined, often are referred to a a “mommy makeover”. In patients who have experienced dramatic weight loss, combination procedures often are performed to correct redundant skin in multiple regions of the body.

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