4 things you should know before nose plastic surgery

Named as one of America’s Best in Rhinoplasty; Dr. Paul F. Fortes serves as one of the premier plastic surgeons in The Woodlands and Houston metro area.

Here are 4 things you should know before nose plastic surgery

1. Not all noses are built the same. Rhinoplasty can improve the size and shape of your nose however there is not a one size fits all for everyone when it comes to this surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Forte provides complimentary imaging to give you a better understanding of your final outcome. Remember, “the art of facial aesthetics is looking natural!”

2. Rhinoplasty is more affordable than you may think. While this is a tailored surgery and only takes around 2 hours. Estimated pricing along with affordable financing options are available on our website. However exact pricing is given after you are evaluated.

3. Your voice will be unchanged. Rumors say your voice will change but experts say it just isn’t true.
4. Rhinoplasty is a year round procedure. When considering this procedure please remember there is residual swelling. While you might see results after about three to six months, in some cases full results aren’t completely visible until about a year after the surgery.
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