Hair restoration procedures

Hair restoration procedures used to require long, arduous surgical intervention that left the patient with a long linear scar and required significant downtime. Today, however, incredible advancements in non-surgical hair restoration technology enable you to actually re-grow your own hair without the use of scalpels, stitches, or staples! Dr. Paul Fortes is proud to offer his patients in the Houston, TX area the most advanced hair restoration technique available today: NeoGraft® is a sophisticated, cutting-edge device that makes Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) harvesting far more efficient and precise than its predecessors. The NeoGraft® hair transplant procedure has literally revolutionized the industry by minimizing discomfort, risk, and downtime, and eliminating the traditional linear strip scar.

“I don’t believe in rigid universal standards of beauty. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and it’s up to the aesthetic plastic surgeon to get that vision of beauty from each one of his patients.”

- Dr. Paul Fortes

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