Torsoplasty, Thigh-Knee Lift, Buttock Lift

“Body lift” is the term used to describe a number of different operations intended to remove redundant skin, especially in patients who have experienced significant weight loss. The redundant skin typically occurs in the region or regions of the body where the greatest loss of weight (in fat) has occurred.

These regions can include the abdomen, the waist, the buttocks, the hips, the back, and the thighs.

The design of the operation to remove the redundant skin and to “lift” the sagging area is customized to the specific needs of the individual patient. Most body lift operations are extensions of an abdominoplasty, which is the core procedure for most cases of post-weight loss body corrective surgery. The surgical incisions extend around the hips and the lower back to lift the sagging thighs, hips, and buttocks. 

Many body lift surgeries are planned in stages with other operations like brachioplasty (arm-lifts), mastopexy (breast lifts), and torsoplastly (lifts of the upper back and torso). These operations are fundamental to the overall improvement for patients who have made the commitment to lose a dramatic amount of weight and who wish to complete their physical transformation by eliminating the redundant skin that significant weight loss has brought on.