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Reshape & Improve

Men who seek to enhance their body through plastic surgery procedures should first consult with Dr. Fortes to determine the correct procedures based on their desired look.

Gynecomastia Correction

he best candidates for male breast reduction surgery are men who are in good physical and psychological health. Dr. Fortes will perform an examination to determine the best treatment for you. If surgery is recommended, in most cases the breast tissue is removed through small incisions on or around the breast. With most surgeries, the correction can be completed in about one to two hours under local anesthesia.

Male-Specific Body and Facial Enhancements

Men are becoming more and more interested in cosmetic plastic surgery. They present with many of the same concerns that women have. They, too, want to reduce the signs of aging, to remove stubborn areas of fatty deposits from their bodies, and to have physical features that are both natural and aesthetically pleasing. The key difference between aesthetic plastic surgery for men and aesthetic plastic surgery for women is that men wish to maintain facial and body features that identify them as male and masculine.

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