This is a 47 year old mother of three children who had undergone breast augmentation with 275cc saline implants by another surgeon many years previously.  She started to notice progressive size asymmetry of the breasts over time, suggesting an implant leak of the smaller right breast.  The implant for the left breast had slightly bottomed out over time, and the nipple/areolas were asymmetrical, with the left nipple/areola positioned high on the breast.  At the time of surgery, the right breast implant was found to have a progressive leak from a tiny pin hole in the implant. The old saline implants were replaced with new larger 365cc silicone gel implants, and a galaflex mesh was used on the left breast to correct the bottoming out.  It was suggested to the patient that the nipple-areolar asymmetry could be improved with mastopexy surgery, but the patient chose not to have this performed.  The patient is shown before surgery and six weeks post-op.

-Patient of Dr. Paul F. Fortes

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